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The pvc pipe belling machine consists of three parts: pipe traction part, heating oven, socket making part.

Full automatic belling machine can improve the working efficiency and at the same time liberates the human resource.

With the international electrical brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron and Autonics, the operation of the complete machine is easy and stable.

The machine is mainly use to make socket for pvc, pp pipes. Have different socket functions, such solvent cement type, rubber ring type and Z type.


Types of Belling

Solvent cement type

Rubber Ring type

Z Joint Type

Structure of the Belling Machine


Stainless steel heating system

The tradition stainless steel heating system is low cost. With fin radiator, it can reach set temperature fast. Have long lifetime and easy to do adjustment.

FIR heating system

The new design, FIR heating system is the latest technology. It has advantage of energy saving and environment protection. The heating system start to work once pipe goes into the oven,. When pipe leave the oven, the heating system stop working. It can finish heating in a short time.


Belling system

The standard machine will give two types of belling function. One is Rubber ring type. It adopt die tool slide expansion with vacuum negative pressure inside pipe to make perfect belling shape. The another is solvent cement type. Use 45# steel and chrome plated die tool insert the pipe, after that do water cooling outside the pipe.

Electric control system

All the electric spare parts adopt international brands. Make the operation easy and working process stable. Convenient to get replace spare parts in local market.


Control panel

Movable control panel give a convenient operation experience. Data setting easily be down in the Siemens touchscreen. The traction time, heating time and temperature, cooling time can be set on it. If tube diameter and thickness change, you can directly set the parameters and start automatic working.


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