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Plastic PPR Bend Bridge Machine was approved by the customer

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Today, a customer from mainland China came to our company to inspect the goods, from the end of business negotiations and technical communication, 40 days after signing the contract delivery.

Customer inspection

The engineer of the company designs and installs according to the technical request of the customer, the pipe that needs to bend is PPR pipe, pipe diameter is φ 20 and φ 25, from the fixed length cut pipe of pipe to heat and bend pipe, only need one person to realize.

The heating part has 12 stainless steel heating rods and each heating rod is 400w. The temperature is controlled in the working range by the RKC temperature controller, from preheating to normal operation, the time is only 10 minutes. The pipe can adjust the cutting length through the front block, then put the PPR pipes into the heating station, press the heating button, wait until the predetermined heating time, there will be a flicker of the indicator light, and then the heated PPR will be put into the bending die. Press start, mold automatically press, set cooling time, wait for the end of cooling. The pipe is cooled by non-contact water cooling, with water cooling interface at the back end of the die. The PPR pipe is cooled by cooling mould.

The customer watched the whole workflow, the machine can run quickly and steadily, very satisfactory.

PPR bend bridge pipe machine

PPR bend bridge pipe machine


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