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Plastics Consumption By Industry in Tonnes Per Million USD of Revenue Generated

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Plastics Consumption By Industry 

Plastics consumption by industry varies depending on demand, fit to purpose, ease of processing and cost advantage over other materials. The consumption of plastics is highest in toys sector. It is 37.5 tonnes per million USD of revenue generated.
The second highest sector is athletic goods with consumption of 16.7 tonnes/million USD in revenue followed by durable household goods (16.2 tonnes/million USD ), furniture (15.2 tonnes/million USD), non-durable goods (9.7 tonnes/million USD), consumer electronics (4.7 tonnes/million USD), automobiles (4.5 tonnes/million USD), clothing (3.3 tonnes/million USD ) and tobacco (0.7 tonnes/million USD).

The consumption of plastics in the various industry is done in production along with the wastage or losses taking place during the production process.

Toys Industry

The toys industry is the largest industry which consumes plastics (37.5 tonnes) for generation of one million in revenue. The demand of plastics toys is fueled by rising disposable income, aggressive online sales channels and advantage of plastics material over the other counterparts. The top manufacturers of toys are Mattels Inc., Lego Group, Hasbro Inc., Mega Brands Inc., Ravensburger AG and Tomy Company Ltd.  Mattel Inc. is the largest manufacturer of toys and games . In 2015 it had a revenue of $5.7 billion.

 The growing demands of toys and games market have created an intense competition among manufacturers to increase their market shares. The key parameter providing an edge in the competition is pricing point, quality, and play values. Now due to advancement in technology and shorter life cycle of individual toys, are further intensifying the competition.


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