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Top Marine Litter Items Found in European Beaches (2016)

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The identification of marine litters is a matter of concern, EU beaches data of 2016 prove the need to further prevent the inputs and reduce the abundance of litter items.

The provisional steps to protect beaches along with the EU plastic strategy that identifies the beach litter items that require immediate action are important aspects.

In 2016, European Commission carried out a study on European beach marine litter. The sample was taken and data were on marine litter was compiled from all European beaches. The data were ranked on the percentage basis to identify items which need more attention.

The compiled data show that String & Cord litters have a major share in European beaches marine litter of 13.75% and require the most attention.

It was followed by Plastic and Polystyrene pieces with a share of 13.45% and 11.34% based on the different size of pieces.

The other major items include Cigarette Butts & Filters (6.14%), Plastic Caps & Lids (3.95%), Cotton Bud Sticks (3.82%), Paraffin or Wax (2.9%), Crips Packets & Sweet Wrappers (2.89%), and remaining items cover (41.76%) of the total share.


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